The Hale Sisters

Victoria Hale

Name:Victoria"Beauty Lily"Loliyah Kaemaes
Birth Name:Victoria Nichole Mercedes Hale
Age:9 3/4
Birth Date:November 29,1999
Zodiac Sign:Saggatarius
Favorite game(s)
Favorite show(s)(from past to present):2002:spongebob(4yrs)2006:6teen(now)
Problems:Temper Tantrums,Bad Additude
Powers:Psychic abbilites,animal and spirt communications
Born at:New York City,New York,USA
Raised By:A Native American Mom,Viti &A American dad, John Kaemaes
Siblings:10 sisters:Jita,Louriele,MaiyaMaiya,Gwenn,Natasha,Elle,Penniy,Quin,Wendii Anabella Brothers:Stanley,Tanner,JoneseyAntoni,Lance,Troy,A'Moni,Joe.
Other Nicknames:Parental warning Baby Vicki
Here's where Victoriea Lives